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    Weekend Course - ONLINE

Weekend Course - ONLINE

If you can't make Summer School in person you have the option to join the Weekend Course online with Alejo López and Glòria Roca. Cosmic Timelines: Exploring Secondary Progressions and Planetary Transits. This weekend course is open to Faculty and non-Faculty students.

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Cosmic Timelines: Exploring Secondary Progressions and Planetary Transits

The symbols and potentials contained in the natal chart can be manifested and creatively used as we evolve.
Transits and progressions beautifully depict and indicate the changes we experience both in our inner landscape and in our life’s circumstances, giving us invaluable clues to make sense of our past and present, and to creatively build our future. We will start with a brief introduction to the ethical principles of natal chart work and forecasting. This will be followed by sessions on the theory and practice of transits and progressions. Finally, on Sunday, we will work on synthesizing all of this information.