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    Weekend Courses - OXFORD

Weekend Courses - OXFORD

This year the weekend course Cosmic Timelines: Exploring Secondary Progressions and Planetary Transits, presented by Alejo Lopez and Glòria Roca, will be offered in a hybrid format, allowing online delegate participation. Delegates attending this course in Oxford will work in small groups; delegates online will participate in breakout rooms. The weekend course Under the Stars: Fixed Stars in Astrology, presented by Christian König is for Oxford delegates only.

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Option 1: 

Under the Stars:
Fixed Stars in Astrology


Over the centuries, astrology has shifted its focus from the whole of the starry sky to the planets. Dr Bernadette Brady’s years of research have led her to reinterpret the fixed stars and interweave them with ancient myths.  At the same time, this revised fixed-star astrology still
honours tradition. Throughout the weekend, Christian will help you rekindle your connection with the stars. We reunite our chart with the luminous tapestry of the night sky. And, of course, we always take the time to discover the connections between the stars and the planets in our charts.  This is a holistic view, where planets and stars merge harmoniously, seamlessly aligned with contemporary astrology, enriching our astrological interpretations. For we are more than our chart; we’re a living part of the entire celestial realm.





Option 2:

Cosmic Timelines: Exploring
Secondary Progressions and
Planetary Transits


The symbols and potentials  contained in the natal chart can be manifested and creatively used as we evolve. Transits and progressions beautifully depict and indicate the changes we experience both in our inner landscape and in our life’s circumstances, giving us invaluable
clues to make sense of our past and present, and to creatively build our future. We will start with a brief introduction to the ethical principles of natal chart work and forecasting. This will be followed by sessions on the theory and practice of transits and progressions. Finally, on Sunday, we will work on synthesizing all of this information. This weekend course is open to Faculty and non-Faculty students and will be given in a hybrid version: in Oxford and online.


Registration is on Friday 16th August between 2pm and 5pm. A welcome and introduction at 5pm will be
followed by a drinks reception at 5.30pm. The first of seven sessions begins on Friday evening at 8.15pm and the final session finishes at 1pm on Sunday 18th August. After your chosen weekend course you can attend optional workshops on Sunday afternoon. Choose between Expanding the Astrological Universe: the Continuing Discovery of the Asteroids with Mark Fountain, or Creating your Own Mandala with Marielle Churaqui. If you wish to stay for an optional Sunday afternoon workshop, you may wish to book a Sunday lunch with us.