Five-day - Module 9

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    Five-day - Module 9

Five-day - Module 9

You can complete Module 9 at Summer School and gain your credits.  Module 9 is Advanced Chart Interpretation & Astro-Consultancy with Stevi Gaydon and Frances Clynes.

Course Details

This module involves the development of consultation skills and an understanding of the ethical issues which arise in client work. You will be encouraged to develop a high degree of self-awareness through the study of the synastry between yourself and your clients, and will learn how to integrate the wide range of natal and forecasting skills covered in the Diploma Course into an advanced chart interpretation. These skills are developed through the week by carrying out a client consultation, encompassing chart preparation and conducting the live session, followed by a review of the consultation in a supportive and enabling environment.

To enrol on Module 9, you must have completed Modules 1 through 7.

Diploma Level 2: 20 Credits (five-day course: full attendance required).