Five-day - Astrology in Action

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    Five-day - Astrology in Action

Five-day - Astrology in Action

Astrology in Action offers three simultaneous tracks on different themes.  You can follow one track throughout the five days, or select sessions from all three. Whether your knowledge of astrology is basic or advanced, the course provides an opportunity to extend your skills and deepen your understanding of astrology.

Course Details

Track 1: Symbol, Myth and Story

Astrology involves the study of stories, myths, and symbols, which are essential components of understanding this complex subject. This track offers an in-depth exploration of the way in which stories are used to comprehend and navigate our lives. Through the use of active imagination; alternative perspectives on planets and signs; a symbolic analysis of current transits; and following the journey of the soul through both ancient and modern times, we can enrich our understanding of the astrological symbols. Additionally, this track delves into the significance of physical symptoms as symbols and explores the world of imagination through the lens of love and the sacred feminine, as represented by asteroids.

Track 2: Astrology and the Changing World

In recent times, the alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and their subsequent transits through
Capricorn and Aquarius have brought about significant changes to the world that cannot be undone. This track aims to explore how individuals react to collective events and how we can alter our own reality while dealing with people who are fearful, traumatized, or suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Special attention will be paid to the forthcoming shifts in the signs of faster and slower planets, as well as the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in 2026.

Track 3: Astrological Techniques

This track will develop students’ skills in identifying the main themes of a natal chart and recognising the underlying structure of the chart as the essential foundation for interpretation. Students will learn about transits, which serve as the basis for forecasting, by understanding planetary cycles and the patterns and potentials of the chart that unfold over time. Throughout the week we will delve into various techniques, including aspect patterns (such as the Finger of Fate and Hard Rectangles), solar return charts, solar arc directions, the progressed Sun, astrocartography and local space. Additionally, we will learn how to streamline our handling of the complex data involved in a synastry interpretation to enable us to focus on the purpose of a relationship.